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Lee Hyori will release a repackaged album

Posted by depha pada 16 April 2010

Kabarnya,, Lee Hyori akan membuat album lanjutan H-Logic ini dan katanya akan dirilis bulan Juni.

Tidak hanya itu, Lee Hyori juga berencana promosi sampai bulan Juli, itu berarti dia akan promosi sekitar 3 bulan atau lebih…

jadi, kita tunggu aja the next albumnya!!

sc : Allkpop

Though most of you guys are still going crazy over Lee Hyori’s fourth album H-Logic, there is more to look forward to. Yes, there is a sequel to this anticipated album.

In June, Hyori will release a repackaged album with six new songs. Artists are really enjoying those repackaged albums, aren’t they?

Hyori really wanted to prove that it was possible for dance singers to release full length albums. That is why she just created a 14-song album. But I guess she wanted to include way more than 14 songs since six more are getting added.

She also plans to promote her album until July!

That’s a pretty long time to promote something for. Almost three months or maybe more. The first round of promotions will be with Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and the second round will be with her repackaged album.

The repackaged album will have her second title track in it. So the Hyori craze isn’t over yet. And it won’t be for awhile.


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